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Steve Q. Wiltshire

Hi! I’m Steve Wiltshire! Wellness, vitality and optimum health are my passion! I coach and mentor men and women just like you how to take charge of their health, body & mindset!

10 years ago, I developed an autoimmune disease that originated from a serious gut complication that almost ruined my health, cost me thousands of dollars, put a strain on my relationships, my career and cost me valuable time! 

Instead of continuing to dump chemical filled supplements and process foods into my body, I decided that I needed to make a real, natural change. Through this journey, I developed a process to reclaim my health and has led me to helping thousands of people just like you reclaim their health!

My mission is to inspire and educate millions of people around the globe to take charge of their health and live a life of vitality by following a wellness & fitness plan that WORKS!

Our vision was to be much more than a supplement company! AND we are! Unlike most supplement companies Body Temple is the best of both worlds! We offer complimentary resources, education and coaching as well as 100% chemical free products!

If your health were ideal in one year, how would you feel? What would you look like? What would you experience? Imagine the possibilities!

My mission is to be an example of what is possible by living my life at maximum health and excitement!

I have a vision to help others ignite their highest excitement in life by showing them how to transform their health to unlock and express their true self, and create a ripple effect that will continue long after I leave this physical world.

Hello, I’m Tim James, aka “The Health Hero” and I am on a mission to coach and mentor people to ignite their highest excitement in life by transforming their health!

Why am I so passionate about this? Because most people I meet and have conversations with are not truly happy with their relationships, their career, their body, or their finances. This is a tragedy and not the way we are suppose to experience this life. I was one of those people not too long ago and was fortunate enough to stumble upon a path that changed everything for me.

Here’s my story…

I grew up on a small cattle and hay farm in Eastern Oregon and spent most of my time hunting, fishing, and playing baseball. By the age of 37 I was working as financial advisor chasing the American dream and found myself 38 lbs overweight with two ugly looking skin conditions that were embarrassing and painful! I also had digestive tract issues and acid indigestion so bad that I was eating tums and rolaids like they were going out of style. As if that were not enough, I had and organ removed during a family vacation that ruined the trip for everyone else. Like most Americans, my health was slowly declining and eventually more surgery and prescription drugs would have become part of my future.

Around this time, good friend of mine, Charles, was diagnosed with cancer. I had just lost another friend at age 40 to cancer that I played baseball with so I was devastated to get the news about Charles. Charles decided to go to the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach Florida (a detox and healthy food clinic) to learn how to heal himself naturally and asked me to go with him for support. I agreed and January 1st of 2011 we flew to Hippocrates in an effort to save Charles’ life.

After being at the institute for just 7 days my acid indigestion was gone and I had lost 11 pounds! I felt like I was 18 years old again as far as my energy levels and I knew that not only would Charles live if he followed the lifestyle they were teaching but that I too could heal myself of my health issues before they became major problems down the road.

When I returned home I changed everything! I started living a Chemical-Free Lifestyle and with my new increased energy levels I started exercising again. The more I exercised the better I slept, and the better I slept the better I felt overall. Within 60 days I had lost 27 pounds and my clothes didn’t fit!

The acid indigestion was completely gone and I threw away all the antacid jars I had in my cars, my home and in my office. The one skin condition on my shoulder was gone and I went from wearing large and extra large clothes to the medium size that I had not worn since I was a senior in high school!
After 8 months of living this new Lifestyle my other skin condition on my knee that was itchy and painful was gone too! I felt so fortunate to have learned this new way of living I started to share it!

I started teaching health classes after work at home to show others how to live a Chemical-Free Lifestyle and how to detox properly to rebuild and maintain one’s health. Over the next 6 years we had over 1500 people come to our house and learn about this lifestyle and why it works so well. I have also spoke at churches, hospitals, grocery stores and private events internationally now and have reached thousands of people with this message.

With health care costs escalating and human health on the decline we must change our ways and get back to nature if we not only want to live a healthy happy life but also to provide an environment where future generations can thrive. As adults it is our duty to make sure this happens for our most precious commodity… our children.

As Gandhi said “Be the change that you want to see!”

Join us today and get your health and your life back…

We did it and so can you!

Expert Supplement Formulator
Tim James

Tim James

Expert Supplement Formulator

Tim James