The 14-Day Online

Body Reset Boot Camp!

May 1st through May 14th

in the Body Temple Community

This program is 100% Complimentary ($97 value) and

taken at your own pace!

Yes! In 14 days, you'll be clear about your IDEAL health game plan & have a plan to get there!

Take Charge of Your Health, Body & Mindset

Hosted by Wellness Strategists Steve & Lynn Wiltshire

Here's a snapshot of what you will gain from our '14-Day Online Body Reset Boot Camp'

First, you will become crystal clear about your ideal health and learn how to train your brain to make decisions congruent with the NEW YOU!

Second, you will have a clear customized plan to Take Charge of your Health, Body & Mindset!

Third, you will notice the triggers that have become POOR HABITS that NO longer serve you and how to create HEALTHY HABITS that manifest your ideal health & future YOU!

If you plug into the '14-Day Online Body Reset Boot Camp', EXPECT a breakthrough!

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