Body Temple Ignite Total Life & Health Coaching Program

Imagine looking back in one year--and you have become the greatest version of yourself in every area of your life!

Who would you have become? What would you have achieved? What would you have experienced?

Every outcome in our life, positive or negative, most often was a result of a series of thoughts that became habits that manifested the outcome we’re experiencing.

Through your participation in Body Temple’s Ignite Coaching Program you will improve all aspects of your health and your life!

When our bodies are cared for, we feel better! When we make choices that meet our standards, we feel empowered! When we participate in life with immense clarity, elevated vitality, and abundant energy, we become UNSTOPPABLE! Simply put–we are HAPPY!

Our relationships improve, our performance improves, and our creativity manifests in the areas of our lives that matter most!

Although most clients hire us to improve all aspects of their health, months into the program, their relationships, finances, beliefs, and careers improve! Your Body Temple Coaches are Health & Life Coaches.

Whether you want to improve your health, faith, a relationship, career or finances, our Program is designed to meet you where you’re at and design an ideal Health & Life Plan to Create a Life that you LOVE!

#1 Outcome You Will Receive From the Body Temple Ignite TOTAL Life & Health Coaching Program is a Customized Plan to Transform Your Health & Improve Your Life

Why does the Body Temple Ignite Program get RESULTS?

The core of our Curriculum and Coaching revolves around Visualization, Mindset and Intention! Through your participation with your Body Temple Coach, you will design a customized Health and Life Plan that will elevate your clarity, focus, and commitment to achieve your ideal Health & Life Intentions!

Our program is tailored and customized for each client!

Your journey begins by evaluating your fulfillment level in the 8 most important areas of health, your ideal outcome; and together, you and your Coach will create a customized plan to achieve your ideal OUTCOME! 

Movement & Exercise
Proper Hydration
Ideal Supplementation

Food Plan
Meditation & Relaxation
Self-Care Treatments
Fun & Recreation

Next, you and your Coach will identify the most important areas in your life that you desire greater fulfillment and then create a customized plan to achieve it.

  • Career
  • Financial Security
  • Health
  • Most Important Relationships
  • Significant Other
  • Personal Growth & Faith
  • Fun & Recreation
  • Physical Environment

What Ideal Outcome Will You Accomplish Through Your Participation in the Body Temple Ignite Coaching Program?

Vision is the impulse pulling us to discover who and what we are! It’s the divine adventure into self-discovery where our greatest attributes are activated! ~ Steve Wiltshire

It’s simple… When you make a commitment that you’re ready for change, you visualize your ideal outcome and design an ideal customized plan to accomplish it, you will manifest it!   

You will identify your top Health & Life Intentions!

Through your commitment and participation in your coaching sessions and Body Temple Curriculum, you will:

    • Achieve your greatest Health & Life Intentions!
    • Shift poor habits into ideal habits!
    • Notice the triggers that get you off course and develop the self-esteem to resist them!
    • Improve the most important areas of your life; perhaps relationships, faith, financial, self-care, career, or even fun and recreation!
    • You might desire a new vision, like a career, or start a business, or something that hasn’t yet been born!

What is Coaching and How Does It Work?

The Body Temple Coaching Philosophy

Coaching changes lives. Why? Because human beings are naturally creative and resourceful. They truly have their own answers, or they have the ability to find them.

As your Coach, I will evoke your vision, thoughts, creativity, remind you of your potential, and nurture your vision! I will challenge your assumptions, lead you to look at different perspectives, and then help you to choose with certainty. I will continuously be looking for your values and reminding you to honor and live by them.

My role is to remind you that you are truly “at choice” in every given situation and that the life you are living now is in direct proportion to the choices you have made in the past. I empower you to choose with intention in service of your values and deepen your awareness that the choices you make today create the life you will live tomorrow.

I am with you through every session, diligently listening “in between” the words, asking questions, giving you space to hear your thoughts and find your answers. I am there as you process your thoughts and deepen your learning as to who you are so that you can act with confidence and courage.

I am your coach with an important mission—to

continuously remind you to look at the quality of each and every coaching experience; to remind you to ask for what you want and what you don’t want; to be in your power as Client, by telling the truth about who you are and what you want; and to never sell yourself short.

Coaching generally falls under three categories: an Outcome, a Problem, or a Project! Your journey begins with designing your Ideal Wellness Plan and identifying your top Personal Intentions.

Your 50-minute sessions are structured sessions focused on your health, life intentions, and progress. Body Temple even offers a No-Problem reschedule policy knowing that clients gain the greatest results when the client follows through with the assignments from their previous session, excited to attend the next session celebrating their accomplishments and ready for their next victory. 

That’s exactly why your program includes additional Laser Coaching Sessions when you need clarity about your plan, experience setbacks, or simply need guidance to get back on track!

Your number of Coaching Sessions and Laser Sessions are determined by the Membership Plan you choose and can be used anytime within one year of enrolling in the program.

What do I receive from the Body Temple Ignite Coaching Program?

Lifetime Access to Body Temple Online University ($1,794 value)

  • Lifetime Access to Body Temple’s Take Charge of Your Health, Body & Mindset 12 Part online Program! ($997 Value)
  • Lifetime Access to our Private Library exclusive for members! ($797 value)
    • 14-Day Body Reset Bootcamp
    • Kickstart Detox Program & Manual
    • Body Temple Toxic Ingredients to Avoid eBook
    • Body Temple Shopping List eBook
    • And much more…
  • VIP Member in Body Temple’s Facebook Online Community

What are the Coaching Package Options?

Body Temple Accelerated Coaching Package

This level is ideal for the individual who desires a quantum leap in all aspects of their life!

  • 18 Health & Life Coaching Sessions
  • Lifetime Access to Body Temple Online University
  • 12 Laser Coaching Sessions
  • BONUS: Whole Life Vision & Strategy 2-Part session (two 90-minute sessions)

Full Payment: $6,777 ($9,997 value)
12 monthly payments of $597

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Body Temple Transformation Coaching Package

  • 12 Health & Life Coaching Sessions
  • Lifetime Access to Body Temple Online University
  • 8 Laser Coaching Sessions
  • BONUS: Whole Life Vision & Strategy 2-Part session (two 90-minute sessions)

Full Payment: $3,997 ($6,997 value)
10 monthly payments of $435

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Body Temple Ultimate Coaching Package

  • 6 Health & Life Coaching Sessions
  • Lifetime Access to Body Temple Online University
  • 4 Laser Coaching Sessions

Full Payment: $1,997 ($3,997 value)
8 monthly payments of $267

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Meet the Founders of Body Temple Health & Wellness

Steve Q. Wiltshire

My Story, Vision & Mission

Hi! I’m Steve Wiltshire! Wellness, vitality and optimum health are my passion! I coach and mentor men and women just like you how to take charge of their health, body & mindset!

10 years ago, I developed an autoimmune disease that originated from a serious gut complication that almost ruined my health, cost me thousands of dollars, put a strain on my relationships, my career and cost me valuable time! 

Instead of continuing to dump chemical filled supplements and process foods into my body, I decided that I needed to make a real, natural change. Through this journey, I developed a process to reclaim my health and has led me to helping thousands of people just like you reclaim their health!

My mission is to inspire and educate millions of people around the globe to take charge of their health and live a life of vitality by following a wellness & fitness plan that WORKS!

Our vision was to be much more than a supplement company! AND we are! Unlike most supplement companies Body Temple is the best of both worlds! We offer complimentary resources, education and coaching as well as 100% chemical free products!

If your health were ideal in one year, how would you feel? What would you look like? What would you experience? Imagine the possibilities!

Hi, I’m Lynn Wiltshire and my passion is to educate and mentor millions of people around the globe how to prevent disease from manifesting and become their healthiest version of self.

After being diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer and deciding to heal my body without chemo and radiation, I discovered an entirely new journey I never knew existed! I have completely restored my health by following the philosophy and wellness practices taught by the Hippocrates Health Institute.

Through my journey, I have developed a process that has led me to assisting thousands of people how to prevent Disease and Illness. I never would have imagined I would experience the elevated energy, and vitality I feel every day of my life! I have learned numerous modalities that can heal the body; from oxygenation, digestion, and meal & beverage plans that taste great and are chemical free.

For the last two decades, I have coached and mentored entrepreneurs how to build thriving lives and careers. When I decided to transition my coaching practice to health and mindset, I simply applied the same tools, practices and philosophy to wellness that have transformed the lives and health of my clients.

Lynn Wiltshire

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