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Our Vision: A world where everyone is energized by life, empowered by knowledge and free of physical, emotional and mental burdens.

Our Mission: To transform lives by offering customized wellness plans, innovative educational programs, and natural products that set a global standard for purity and quality.

Kickstart Gut Detox Plan Manual & Video

During the Kickstart Plan Video, you will receive a 15-Day plan to RESET your health through a plan to detox, diminish inflammation, elevate your energy and TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH, BODY & MINDSET!

Do yourself a favor and schedule time to complete the Kickstart Video.

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Take the 3-Minute Health Evaluation

Get CLARITY about what you want--and what you must change--to get what you want!

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Join the Body Temple Community

The Body Temple Community is a Philanthropic Movement with a Mission to guide human beings how to Take Charge of their Health, Body & Mindset!

Join our community and receive Complimentary Resources, Trainings, Wellness Programs, and Interaction with founders Steve & Lynn Wiltshire and our Body Temple Coaches!

'Take Charge of Your Health' Customized Coaching Package

Imagine having a clear, concise customized plan that substantially improved your health, changed your physical appearance and elevated your mindset to make empowering choices congruent with your ideal vision of your future self?

Your Coach will take you through a process of identifying what you want to change about yourself and create your Customized Ideal Wellness Plan to make it happen!


Chemical Free Supplements are a MUST. Have you studied the ingredients in your supplements? Your Gut is the engine of your body, and most diseases begin from the Gut, Digestive Track and Colon.

Inflammation is the enemy of the body and supplements that diminish inflammation will greatly support your overall physiology. You can purchase our products individually or save 25% by purchasing them in a package.

Listed below are the two primary product lines Body Temple offers for Gut Health, Immune Boost, Digestion, Neuropathy and diminishing Inflammation.

Discounted Packages

Ultimate Purification Package

Ultimate Purification Package: Restore your Gut Health, Release Weight and Diminish Brain Fog! Did you know that when you Restore Your Gut you have much more ENERGY & CLARITY?

CLICK HERE for more information.

Total Transformation Pure CBD Package

Total Transformation Pure CBD Package: Diminish Inflammation, reduce Neuropathy, elevate Mental Clarity, Sleep better and diminish Anxiety & Depression!

Sheelah Golliglee has received numerous national awards and international recognition for her formulations, pure products and quality CBD’s. Whether for serious conditions, preventative or anti-aging, 25 mg of CBD’s can transform your entire physiology.

CLICK HERE for more information.

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